School fees

School fees are due on the first day of the term. These should be as a one-off yearly payment made in September. This is a nominal charge to help cover administration and teachers expenses.


Membership of Watford Hindu Group is mandatory (£10 annual membership fee, this will cover free entry to the Navratri festival and information about all other events.

Child Student (age 3 to 18 years) £200/year payable September 2019 (£90/term)

Payments Methods

Payments should be made by the first day of term
Electronic Banking Name: Watford Hindu GroupSort Code: 09-01-54

A/C No> 07337083

Your Ref.(very important).:  ‘Student Full Name, Post code and house number’ (please bring receipt of payment on the first day of the school)

Note: Please ensure that WHG Gujarati School has an updated application form in respect of each student.


Donations are welcomed and can be made using either of the above payment methods. Please contact the treasurer directly to receive a donation receipt.

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