Namaste – Welcome to Watford Gujarati School, part of Watford Hindu Group

Our school promotes learning Gujarati in a family atmosphere on the solid foundations laid by our first teachers over 30 years ago.

We welcome students from ages 5 and up to adult, with classes to suit every level from beginner to GCSE.

Are you looking for ways to keep your mother tongue and culture alive in your family? Learning to read, write and speak Gujarati is a great way to do this! Our generation has the unique opportunity to understand and appreciate the language, culture, and religion of our ancestors.

We are so lucky to be born with the ability to understand another language, sometimes even more. As parents and family members, we can use this ability to pass on the rich culture and traditions of our ancestors to our children and to each other.

Writing in Gujarati will also help us develop our writing skills and better express ourselves in the language. Speaking Gujarati will give us the opportunity to communicate more effectively with other Gujarati-speaking people and have conversations in our mother tongue.

The pandemic has changed the face of learning forever. Our Gujarati school has embraced the change and now deliver digital learning on Saturday mornings. This follows a highly successful pilot in the 2020 Summer term and two full academic years online.

Register here for more details. Check here for school term dates. If you still have questions, call or email us.

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